About Conservatory Ballet

The Conservatory Ballet introduces its students to dance from a 360-degree perspective - as a sport, art, tradition and theory - producing a profound and lasting understanding and appreciation for the arts. Students at the Conservatory Ballet receive a balance of practical, theoretical and real-world experience from the teachers, which prepares them for life's stage or public stage performances. Many of Conservatory Ballet's faculty members are former students - all of whom are role models/mentors with professional dance and competitive dance experience. Teachers continually challenge students in the safe, yet real-world environment, students are able to test their limits and hone leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Our teachers reach out to children to determine their particular learning style, and each child is treated as an individual. The goal of our Curriculum Ballet Program is to teach each child to the best of their individual ability, using the Montessori style in the classical Vaganova based ballet technique. Both methods of instruction teach to the individual child, not the class. Conservatory Ballet faculty members go through an extensive application/interview/audition process for both teaching and performance skill by a committee of professional dancers and instructors before being offered a teaching position at Conservatory.