About Conservatory Ballet

For the past 40 years, Conservatory Ballet students have appeared alongside professional ballet companies at regional venues including The Kennedy Center, Wolftrap and The New York City Ballet in productions including Union Jack and Firebird. Also, Conservatory Ballet's preparatory academy students develop real-world experience in competitions among the best dancers in the world at Lausanne, New York International and National Arts Recognition.

Conservatory Ballet students have preformed with premiere dance companies around the world including the American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, English National Ballet, Fort Worth Ballet, Miami City Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Pacific Northwest Ballet and San Francisco Ballet.

Students of Conservatory Ballet are distinguished by their elegance, experience and earnestness and consistently selected first in open auditions at summer programs of major global companies including Bolshoi Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, the Kirov Academy, Pennsylvania Ballet, North Carolina School of the Arts and the Kirov's Vaganova institute in St. Petersburg Russia.

Hundreds of older students are able to transfer their knowledge and skills to younger students - fostering an environment of continuous learning and proficiency the Conservatory Ballet.

Dance is revered as both an art as well as a science. All age groups from 18 months to 18 years and adult are exposed to the intellectual, emotional, physical and visual aspects of dance and the mind/body connection. Director Julia Redick developed the Conservatory Ballet's method classical curriculum based in the Vaganova method, which she learned in her native Hungary. Students benefit from complete and correct technique - earnestness - which differentiates them in a crowd, along with the passion to pursue their dreams.

When parents first arrive at Conservatory Ballet, they don't see what they think ballet should look like. "Julia may have an unorthodox approach to teaching ballet in the eyes of the parents, but she is training the children correctly, and that will benefit them more than the appearance of learning ballet" said a Conservatory Ballet Parent. At the Conservatory Ballet every student gets a chance to perform, provided they work hard and pay their dues. "It is not uncommon for a student to spend 8 years as a mouse in the Nutcracker, while their mind and body mature to fit a new role and a new challenge, Conservatory parallels how professional dance companies function" said Conservatory Ballet alumnus & soloist at Boston Ballet.